networking and nachos

January 4, 2002

I did some work on my Macintosh systems today. The 4gb drive I hoped to install is bad and will not work on either the 6100 or my PowerCenter. Either my drive is bad or the 68pin to 50pin adapter is bad. Since I don’t have a 68pin SCSI card lying around I pretty much have to assume. I also finished working on replacing a bad power supply for a friend. I had one in stock, but it was out of an existing case so I’m going to get another case out of the deal. I’m going to clear out some of my older parts, so if you need anything like older motherboards (p100, 486, maybe a 166) let me know. I’m gonna give this stuff away. I would rather give it to someone than throw it away. I also have a Macintosh IIsi with monitor that will either be given away or trashed. It will run Debian but I don’t have the time to futz with that system. It does work and I did sell it, but the winner didn’t pay. The box I was going to ship it in cost more than the auction price. On all of these, just email me.

I’m trying to figure out a new home networking setup for the casa. I have a cable modem coming in that I tried to use as an uplink to my hub, but the way @home assigns IPs this will only work for one computer unless I purchase another IP…*cough*bs*cough*. In the self install kit that Comcast sends, it includes a SMC Ethernet card. I’m going to use that as my internal net and use the existing USB Ethernet Card to connect to the Internet. So my main Win2k system, MadCow, will become a router/gateway for my home net. It’s going to look like this{.liinternal}.