soupy and chill

January 9, 2002

Sorry, been away for a while. Nothing really to discuss. I have a giant project to start, but I have to examine how to accomplish what I need to. Interactivity, accessibility, and beautifully are the keywords on this project. It’s going to work, but I might have to go back using ASP for scripting. I would rather use the tools I use for PERL and not have to depend on a Microsoft system.

Let’s see what has happened since my last post…new iMacs, Dave dies, and Bud returns to Steve leadership . Bud Tribble was a member of the original Macintosh team, went to NeXT to act as one of their 5 founders only to leave for Sun a few years later. Steve Jobs wouldn’t let him in the building as soon as he found out. Matter-of-fact this was during the period that the NeXT killed the hardware division. On the link, notice that it doesn’t say what Bud did after the NeXT years.

New iMac….or as some have called it, the iLuxo . I really think that this is a cool machine. iMacs are now G4s and more ideally, also include a 15″ LCD that is comparable to a 17″ monitor. The photos are cool and they look interesting. I have the budget for a new computer, and I’m either going to get a new iMac or one of the nice new 14″ iBooks. The iMac is more ideal, since it already includes a monitor, cd-rw, and everything else. Why not a PC? Well…most of what I will do depends on a Mac system and its interactivity with outside systems like those of other Art/Design companies.

The cable modem is still nice, and still working well. My system freezeups have been solved, it was Norton Antivirus. I’ve always had problems with Norton and killing my systems. Removed and works fine. I also removed the @home software and everything works even better.

I’ve been rebuilding a system for my Grandmother. Her IBM is dying and I have the system formerly called BlueDog at her house right now. It was my Linux box, but it was just sitting there without a processor. I just swapped the 200 from the IBM over and included 128mb DIMMS and reloaded Win98 and it works fine. This system has always worked great and is more solid than the IBM they had. I believe that the IBM has memory problems and maybe some hardware issues, I’m going to remove the memory and try everything with a new processor. Another system for the trash actually…if anyone wants this IBM system and a couple of Pentium processors give me an email. It’s an LPX case and can run up to a 200. If you have some large SIMMs, this would be a nice little Linux box. I’ll accept email for anything I have until January 20th. After that it’s gonna be trashed. Here is a small list of what you can get…for free***, as-is, and no warranties.

  • Macintosh IIsi with 14″ Monitor, runs and can even run Debian 68k. 25mhz, 120mb hard drive 4mb RAM

  • IBM PC350 with 96mb of RAM, CD-ROM, USB, and Sound Card. I will include a couple of Pentium processors.

  • IBM XT with Monitor. 1983, PCDOS 3.3 runs and has WordPerfect. If you need a simple word processing computer this is it.

  • PentiumPro 200mhx processor

  • Cyrix 586/100 based Motherboard. Runs well and would be a nice setup for a small Linux or SCO box.

  • Gateway 2000 case with socket 7 Magitronic Motherboard. MB includes sound and video. Will run to a p166mmx. is in parts.

  • 2 IBM Aptiva LPX motherboards. Both socket 7 and include USB. Both will fit the above IBM system and it depends of the funky power suppy that IBM put in the Aptiva and PC350. If I have enough processors I will include these too.

  • I also have some cases w/o power supplies and outside covers.

***Why for free? Well I don’t have time to eBay everything and it really wouldn’t be worth auctioning a system for $5 only to pay $30 for shipping and also have to pay eBay a cut for an auction. I would rather give this away than throw it away. IMHO, the Mac II would be a neat system to experiment on & the PC350 would be a neat box for a student. You could build a few systems out of everything else. Call me if you want to know about another part or to see if I have parts not listed here. Call and email…until January 20th only! BFI will haul everything away after that.