No new news really, but

January 14, 2002

No new news really, but I am having problems with the kaweth.o module in Redhat 7.2. I also tried to install the NIC that came with my Comcast@Home install kit and that (^$*^$ up my system to the extent that I had to reinstall. The system still isn’t feeling 100%, so I’ll probably do another install later this week.

Redhat 7.2 sees my Netgear EA 101 and the kaweth.o module loads but I am unable to connect to the internet and setup my IP for that card. My *nix skills are weaker than ever, so I’m trying to get this working without having to install another NIC just for Linux. My USB keyboard worked the first time I plugged it in. I just really don’t have the knowledge I need. It shows up in the system information selection, but I cannot config the card in the network configuration. I sent in a short email to my fellow Chugalug members and they think I’m on the bleeding-edge…yes me bleeding-edge…ha! But from it sparked about a dozen emails about everything from Firewire IEEE standards to the beginnings of USB and the reasoning behind it.

Chugalug is an interesting LUG and if you live in the area I suggest that you join. Next month we get to take a look at OSX from a Linux standpoint…or that’s how I read it.

Spent most of the day cleaning out the storage room and going through CDs and various parts. I threw out about 5 boxes of cables and other computer-related items that I no longer need. I think the MacII has been spoken for. I haven’t thrown out the computers yet, just the smaller items that all geeks have dozens of. Remember you have until this weekend to claim any computer I’m giving away or the parts. After that, the working computers are going to Goodwill and the rest are going to the dump.

Yesterday we finally got our new entertainment center from Sears. We have been getting the runaround from Sears and were about to just cancel our order, then we decided that we couldn’t find anything as nice. I will never buy from Sears again, they have a bad track record of “Bait and Switch” and I’m filing a complaint this week. When something is on sale, they say they have it in, but it has been ordered and will be two weeks. But, you find out that the sale is over and they have them at the original price. That amounts to “Bait and Switch”. We were able to get the sale price, but when we went to pick up the center, we found out that it was not available. After Niki and I calling and talking to various management, even managers who wouldn’t give the Customer Service number for Sears corporate, we finally received a call that this was in. It took a while to put together, but it is nice and everything fits. I’m going to turn my old center into a new computer desk for me. It’s more compact and will be more organized than what I currently have. The only thing I really have to add is a keyboard shelf, and the mechanisms for that are cheap and the wood for it is too. So I’m either going to “borrow” the parts from my current desk or just pick up new parts.

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