I can now officially say

January 17, 2002

I can now officially say that I am no longer self-employed…I accepted a position with Erlanger Health Systems as a Web Technology Specialist. I start tomorrow…yes I’ll start on a Friday so I can attend a meeting and to meet everyone before I officially start next week. This has been described like moving from the minor leagues to the major leagues. Erlanger is one of the largest health systems in Tennessee and it will help me build my skills. I met with the CIO yesterday and they have a lot of technology that they’re working on. Really neat interfaces and other browser-based initiatives. My primary job will be to bring their current websites up to a modern level and to implement “new and exciting technology”. After that, I will have a major intranet redesign to attend to. Medical websites and just the technology in general is very specialized. I tend to forget that.

The next few weeks should be interesting, learning a new job, learning the ropes of a bigger company, and taking care of business. From what I understand, I won’t have a computer to begin with. There is a Mac system in the budget, but I’ll also need to see how much I can spend. It’s not the system that’s expensive….it’s the software. So this should be an interesting topic to discuss in future updates…what do I design with and why. I’m going to choose a Mac system, simply because that’s what I need. I said something about this a few posts ago, but in reference to a home system.

VirtualPC will be a big part of my work, since I need to know how a website will look in all browsers. Internally it’s a Win98 shop, so when it comes time to build the intranet framework I can concentrate on Internet Explorer only. I have a few ideas about how I want to setup my virtual machines. I know I want a standard, “out-of-the-box” install of Win98 with IE5, An updated Win98 with IE6, K-Meleon/Mozilla, and Opera 6; and a simple Linux install….if possible. If not, I can just use my system at home.

For You geeks…Speaking of my new job, Erlanger wasfeatured in the Sept 1998 Network Computing magazine. There is a neat little layout of the network. It’s pretty impressive. And from what I learned it is really a lot bigger now.</p>

Oh, I almost forgot. I’m working on a new site called “generation:generic“. A name change is a possibility. It’s a music site and if you find some little tid-bit about your favorite band or most hated band send it to me. If you want to write, I could use the help. The design is set, but the features are still being implemented. Should be pretty neat.