This should have been a

January 19, 2002

This should have been a Friday post, but I’ve been busy and there is a lot going on offline. First, please throw some prayers/karma/good thoughts toward Niki’s and my families, too many health issues going on on both sides. Second, throw some prayers/karma/good thoughts to daynoter, Tom Syroid , who’s Grandmother died on Monday. Third, please take some time out this weekend and support the American Diabetes Association’s fund raising .

Today was my first day at work, got to meet the staff and get the general feel for things. Really good bunch of people who are very knowledgeable and very very good at juggling more than one thing. They told me about my office, didn’t get to see it, and we discussed my supplies (computers, budgets, etc). I’ve got to put together a wish list and what I’ll need to do my job. Most of the big expenses will be alleviated because of open-source software. So that means instead of purchasing web software (.NET and other propriety software), I can use that money for features. My biggest expense initially will be my setup. I’ll have to put together a few specs this weekend for a new Mac system. I think the new iMac will be a good investment, aside from having to work in OS9 until Photoshop & Dreamweaver for OSX come out.

I haven’t woke-up at “normal working hours” since the holidays, and getting up earlier than I normally get up for work just put a little bit of pressure on me. The drive downtown was good, and I just traveled via the freeway. I worked in downtown Chattanooga about 10 years ago and I must admit, that I miss working there. More things going on and more people in general. I wish it wasn’t too cost prohibitive, but there is a new movement in downtown Chattanooga living . Two new schools are being built and more of the older, abandoned buildings are being turned into housing. The beginning prices are comparable to a small house with most of the people looking are from out of town…you get more for your money here. I think it would be about as safe as anywhere.