I now publicly apologize for

January 20, 2002

I now publicly apologize for the Dell guy…yes he has a name, Ben Curtis . I found out that he is from the same place I am, Chattanooga, and it just makes me sick that my hometown has unleashed such a sucky ad guy. A librarian friend of mine, said that he was in one of their summer reading programs performing with some troupe. I hate the dell commercials…and I know a lot of other people do too. Please accept my apologies from everyone in Chattanooga. Unfortunately he has a fan site

Oh I can now see the google hit on this topic…and the hate mail…so if you hate the dell guy email here{.limailto} and if you hate me for talking about how bad he sucks, email here{.limailto}. This has been discussed offline for about a month and it wasn’t until the Wall Street Journal article , that I felt something had to be done.

Sorry Ben, had to do it.