I’ve been experimenting with a

January 24, 2002

I’ve been experimenting with a SHOUTcast server, streaming MP3s for music_blog_ radio. It’s online, and should be accessible using anything from winamp to realone (nee realplayer). Everything was working fine, but in the move from an @home network to a Comcast network, I had to change IPs. That screwed up how my server is reported to SHOUTCast and how you can access anything here at my home. If this works well, maybe everything will be ran off of this server.

Most of my days have been spent ripping MP3s from a stack that is bound for the used CD store. I’m using a cool ripper called CDex that really speeds everything up. It gets my CDDB data without having to press anything. Everything playing on musicblog radio is from the stack, after they’re all finished, I’m hoping to rip all of my other CDs next week.

It looks like Evan is almost ready to premier BloggerPro , and it even looks like it will carry a $30 a year price tag. Some interesting features and some tied into Yahoo! Groups. Nice things like titles and emailing entries. I’m doing away with titles on this site, and might use them on the others.