Nice and Tired

January 28, 2002

I am very very tired today, stayed up late trying to work on some CSS code and a writing project and then I couldn’t fall asleep. I had to get up early so I could finish my employment physical and join orientation before it was too late. It was a long day and caffeene didn’t help one bit. I can honestly say that this is stepping into the major leagues. There is a lot that the system does and doesn’t get press on it. I met with a few of the execs and talked XML with a professional education specialist. It was a fun day, I wound up taking a tour of the air medic chopper, LifeForce, and had a great view of the city. It’s really impressive. Hope you can tell I’m glad to be there. My computer isn’t in and my office is being setup. It’s going to be odd working in a large office with about a dozen people as opposed to my last office where it was 4-6 of us, spaced out in a medium sized duplex.

via, my new employer is moving into Georgia as well .

I got to check out a new ad and received a giant book about the project behind the ad….sorry to be vague, but I can’t talk about it yet, but I hope to have the site online soon…within the next 10-14 days. There is a Mac system there, actually it was the twin to my old PowerComputing system PseudoMac. Purchased at the same time and sold to the VP who used it. If everything goes right, I might have a Powerbook before my new iMac shows up. That is, if the a-holes will stop trying to outbid me.