work is fun / work is good

January 30, 2002

I don’t have a networked computer or access to internal email or internet. It’s amazing what you’re able to do when you don’t have your usual standbys. I’ve been planning and reading….and typing…and touring…and reading…and meeting. It’s an interesting job and I’m gonna have to start site development from scratch. Next week will mainly be meetings and tours. Meeting people who will tell me what they need. We are a 6 hospital facility and I’m going to tour them all and then talk about what I can do for their site. A lot of work to accomplish.

I won a laptop Monday night on ebay. It’s not an Apple, it’s a Toshiba Satellite Pro 460. Not too bad, it’s a p166 with 128mb of RAM. I need a laptop, but this isn’t exactly the one I want. It can run Windows 2k, but will mainly run Win98 or WinME. I don’t know yet. This machine should be a work machine, using it for development but will used for testing and just web surfing. I was just going to use this at work, along side my iMac until I found out that I’m going to need a work laptop too. So this system should stay at home. The ultimate goal is to have only one system…a laptop.