life on the bleeding edge

February 1, 2002

I�ve been without my main system for a week. I think they started shipping last week. The Mac clone works well, but unless I or the system�s owner is willing to rebuild the computer so that TCP/IP can be loaded, it will not get on the network. I went looking through the empty office next to me, to find a replacement for my office chair�I thought it was comfortable, but it is far from it. I noticed a stack of Compaq docking stations, from the old Contura series and didn�t think anything else from it. Came in today and thought again about it. Looked and under a stack of junk and dead docks, I found three Contura 430c laptops. Grabbed one and brought it back to my office and it works. 16mb of ram�Windows95..ok I can use this�then I get into the system and it�s a 486. I had a system like this one when I first started working with computers�in 1994. It runs well. Nothing too slow, Word97 works fine. I guess when you don�t try to overpower a computer you can actually do work on a 486 in 2002. There is no CD, and as I work more on that system, it would be a really nice web/email station for a grandparent or someone who just needs the basics. I think you can pick one up for about $50 on eBay. I know you can get a smaller Compaq Contura Aero from the same era for about the same price. The Aero is about 9×10. Small enough to use in the kitchen. Originally instead of a Newton, I was going to get an Aero. Now, I really think that would be better. No pen control, but you can type on a small laptop and be able to run older versions of your favorite M$ products. Add a modem and voila!

I started working with music__blog again, it�s SHOUTcast station works, but more @home users are starting to suck. They�re trying to hack my system�.it�s called VIRUS SOFTWARE PEOPLE! I finally tested my new designs in konqueror. It works well and everything looks good. I actually like it better than Opera and Mozilla�so far. I finally got Linux to work with @home.

I am sooooo slow in Linux now. But KDE 2 looks nice and would make me consider it instead of Gnome. I�m going to rebuild the Linux partition this weekend, because I think I f-ed something up, while I was trying to get @home working. If they would make Dreamweaver for linux, then I would move over. I think once everything settles down, then this main system will run Linux full time.

I’m testing a css-based design in my design notes{.liinternal} blog.