mondays and caffeine

February 4, 2002

Had a good weekend. Most of my computer work was spent in Topstyle working on the CSS code for the next edition of this site. I like how it looks now, but CSS really is the way to go. It’s generally going to look the same, same curves and content, just changing some colors and making the design not as liquid as the current one. CSS is really nice to work with, now I just need to clean up the HTML in the actual pages. I never thought I could get a layout like it to work, and poof it {.liinternal}works. Did the usability testing on the design, and I need to make it a bit smaller. Looks great in IE and Opera and 90% in Mozilla. Once I get everything worked out, it should be a good improvement. I have about two other sites that will benefit in this experiment. is back online, but I need to change some of the CSS. Everything seems to be working well. Musicblog radio will possibly shut down in the next few days or weeks. It’s cool and it works, but I’m getting extremely pissed at having people trying to run SUBSeven on my machine. I have one IP that is getting bogged down & it actually kills my SHOUTcast server. Real SHOUTcast servers are expensive and I’m lucky enough to have one.

We went looking around at houses too. We definitely need to up our income 🙂 . We know what we like, but I doubt we can afford it in the next 10 years. I just don’t see a $1600 monthly house payment for 30 years….at least not now. I use to looking at new houses with my grandparents. It was their sunday afternoon activity. I liked to tag along and saw some nice houses. But my notes on costs are rather old. It’s good to see what costs what.