February 5, 2002

There is a neat John C. Dvorak piece, The Blog Phenomenon , over at and he hits the nail on the head. I can agree with his deeper reasons about why people Blog. I think at some point I’ve been one of the five listed. Occasionally I’ve been all five at the same time. Sometimes it’s good to vent, other times I want to share, other times it’s just stroking an ego. I think some of what I’ve wrote has been very personal, sometimes over the line, but for the most part it is just a glimpse of who I really am. Some of you know me in the real world, other only know me through this journal. The hardest part is dealing and explaining what this journal/blog is, to people who don’t understand why someone would want to write online. Hey, Niki encourages me to write and even my Mom digs it. So if the two women in my life don’t have a problem then why should I care about anyone else…right? There have been times when I thought about giving it up. At one point I actually deleted everything I wrote, because I was so frustrated. Niki talked me back into writing and when I’ve had second thoughts she has been the one to pull me back in. Between Niki and Mom, they have been very supportive.

I think that a blog is also a good idea…I have some more to discuss before I can talk about medical blogging, But it’s all part of my master plan, so I can’t talk too much about it.

The next six months of my life will be spent with one goal: getting a website built and online. I’m going to blog some of it in my design note section, but I’m going to document everything for another project. I’m building a house from dirt and can either make a shack or a castle…I’m going to be working with some new technology and I’m lucky enough to have a good coder helping out. I want my sites to be good and hopefully no one has to die in the process 🙂