damn html

February 8, 2002

I’ve been meeting people all week and gathering ideas and comments….worked on a new design for a site….not once, not twice, but about 5 times. I actually have 5 different templates for layouts and I only like two for this project. Both use tables and not CSS. I do have a few nice nice nice css templates that could work elsewhere. My new Mac isn’t in, hasn’t been ordered actually and it isn’t going to be an iMac, I’m getting a new G4 tower. It was evaluated as better equipped by our IT guys. As long as it has the same specs, I don’t really care anymore. Apple’s are built like tanks and as long as it runs what I use, that will work.

I got a newer laptop at home this week. The Toshiba Satellite Pro 460 came in and works great. Everything is loaded, and I hope to have a bigger hard drive in the coming weeks…I also hope to get a nice dual boot linux system working once the new drive gets installed. I really wanted a Powerbook, but I didn’t want to shell out that money. I can get a OSX ready Beige G3 for less than the G3 Powerbooks. I really want to ditch all of my machines here and get two notebook systems, one PC and one Mac. Niki and I both like laptops and we could get all of our work accomplished on the couch or anywhere else.

I removed the link to Dave Winer, because his site is becoming more of a Radio 8 testimonial than what is originally was. Sorry Dave, I loved your Hotwired pieces, but you’ve lost your way.