going and spent

February 13, 2002

We’ve been watching this whole Olympics debacle and think the Canadians should have won the gold. I normally watch the Olympics, Niki is really getting into the speed skating portions….she is yelling at the TV like she was watching football. The IOC needs to look at new media as their friend instead of a foe. The lack of webcasts and the restrictions on athletes and interviews is very very…well, restrictive. I forgot where I read this, but It would be really interesting if they would allow athletes to keep a blog about what’s going on inside the olympics. But the IOC will only allow athletes to discuss what they’re allowed to. It’s sad really.

Since my Mac clone didn’t sale at auction, I’m going to install Linux on it and just experiment with it in my storage room. If I only had a cheap G3 upgrade, I could possibly run OSX on it. But I would actually perfer OS9, since most of what I use (or will use) at work isn’t on X. The 6100 is a part of the greater Linux project I have in mind. I really have been heads down into the world of CSS and HTML, with XML tucked nicely in the corner. I have all of this nice CSS code floating in my head and If I drop that and concentrate on Linux now, I would be doing a disservice to myself. I really need to figure out XML, it took me forever to try CSS and now I’m sold and I have a feeling that is what XML would do too. Part of the bigger project for Linux is to try to learn PHP too, but I need to dive back into ASP…confusing huh? Since we use Microsoft at work, I need to stick to the standard. The PHP would only be for private projects. So let me rethink this…I’m working deeply in HTML and CSS, XML & XHTML is coming soon, ASP is what I need to code with, and PHP is more of a luxury time project.

I’ve been going through the stats at work and over 80% use IE with IE5 being the front runner (ed.note:ie5.5 was behind ie6 but were way behind ie5). More people use Netscape 4.7x (NS4) than Netscape/Mozilla 6.(NS6) So as I was going through this, I’ve had to make a consus decision to code for Netscape 4. This is a big Zeldman no-no , but I really don’t want to leave those people out. So in order to support NS4, I’m not going to use a full CSS layout. I’m going to insert DIV tags to compensate and to prepare for when I could actually move to CSS. I don’t see a move away from that until Summer 2003. It’s actually depressing….having to support a 4 year-old browser that long. But I could see on my charts, that more people were moving to the newer version, but at a much slower pace than the migration from IE5 to IE6. I would love to code for other browsers exclusively, and I really could if they followed standards . All of this refers to work, but I’m still going to work on using a tableless CSS here at mkelley.net.

I have another riv@ project on the horizion (shhh! it’s a local portal)…and I need to get my riv@ page looking better, but at the same time I need to prepare on using CSS. It’s all like learning HTML like I use to back in 1995. I spent hours combing over the code that other created, so I could see their tricks and just how they did what they did. I have looked at more CSS than you can shake a stick at. Knowing what I do now, the musicblog page really needs to be recoded. Not really recoded, but set back up in a logical way. I’m spending more time in the html view in Dreamweaver and hope to soon start hand coding again…css layouts only..I moved to wysiwyg because of html tables and as long as I code those, Dreamweaver does have it’s purpose.

I’m going to be talking more about web design than I have before, and I’m debating about setting up another journal for this. My design notes page might just become a feature instead of a notepad for me. Don’t know yet. I’m sure not on the level as Eric Costello , but if I can help someone by putting my errors online, then so be it. It’s really something I’m thinking about.

In other news (via glish)….The Morning News Guide to Urban Etiquette: New York City