wasted youth

February 15, 2002

Early post today, we had to get up early to take the Cherokee to the shop. It needs a lot of work and it wasn’t until recently that I could really afford to have some much needed work done. I’m hoping that it is something simple, most of the problems I’ve had with the Jeep have been. I owned a Mustang before I had the Jeep. I’ve had the Jeep longer and spent less keeping the Jeep going than I did on the Mustang. I kept having problems with the Mustang, it was more of a Escort with a Mustang skin. No power, cool looking, and high insurance… where do I sign up? I got a sweet deal on it, but in hindsight I should have stuck it out a little longer with the car I traded-in for it (85′ Mazda 626). I’ll never own another Ford, the Explorers are nice and drive very well, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends purchase one, only to have it konck-out before the warranty was up. I would buy another Jeep…hopefully mine can last a little longer to where I won’t have to.