webbing I go

February 21, 2002

I finished my first medium sized project for work. It’s <a href=”http://www.erlanger.org/baroness d” erlanger” class=”liexternal”>here</a> and have a look, it’s not public yet. Once the text is finalized, it’s going live. I’ve been writing, coding, and researching every little item for this project. It’s a website for the namesake of my employer. Interesting history and happens to take place during my favorite era in history, late 19th and early 20th century. I had an earlier idea for this site on paper, and was able to use about 85% of it. The idea for the photo and the general layout. It doesn’t validate html, because of the nice Kaosweaver{.liinternal} Breadcrumbs script. It validates CSS and looks good in all of the 5.0 and above browsers. In Netscape 4.75, it looks ok, but doesn’t like the CSS on the text so it blacks some of it out. Why not a CSS layout? The site is also a “proof of concept” and if it’s decided as a final design, then I’ll transform it to CSS. Unfortunately, I can do a table layout quick and that’s what I needed. I have a CSS layout, but it wasn’t ready for prime time. I’m not that much of a CSS hypocrite.

[note: I added the code for a space into the URL for the site, since Nav4.75 was choking on it only to find that IE started to choke so the Netscape link is <a href=”http://www.erlanger.org/baroness%20d” erlanger” class=”liexternal”>here</a>.]