futzing with blogger

February 24, 2002

I spent a good part of Saturday morning trying to insert permalinks into my blogger template. Since I use Server Side Includes (SSI), my Blogger template{.liinternal} is very very simple. The only code in it is the actual Blogger code. No other html is added. Somewhere in the Blogger interface, it likes to change your scripting around after you update your template. That means it looks fine the first time you publish your new template, but if you go back in, you will need to change a few things to keep it from screwing your code up. A good tutorial for Blogger Permalinks is here and Phil Ringnalda has a good selection of HOWTOs over at his site .

I stayed up writing a few new sections for the next version of mkelley.net. Nothing too large, but interesting. I’m going to delay it’s release a few more weeks. Maybe I can have a few other things finished by then too. The coding is going well, mainly I’m just freshening up content. My portfolio really needs an update, and my resume’ will too.

Also, the site for my friends in Moe Savvy finally transfered. w00h00. So go visit it at moesavvy.com and vote for them in the CIA Music Awards . I will go ahead and say that I designed their site in the hopes of drawing other people to riv@ .