oy! will this cold leave?

February 27, 2002

I finally got my Jeep back. They had to replace the two exhaust brackets and the catalytic converter. It almost took two weeks (parts being sent and being wrong), but it runs better than she did. Gonna take the Jeep in for a tune-up this weekend and perhaps get her running better than when I bought her.

Niki also took Ziggy in today for a shot/Check-up and to get her declawed. We bought a little travel cage for her and a nice padded bed and left those out overnight. She slept in her bed all night and didn’t disturb me or Niki. Ziggy wasn’t too happy about being in the cage. I wouldn’t be too thrilled about it either. Niki called a few minutes later and all I heard were loud meows, just sounding sad. Maybe she won’t try to kill us once she gets back.

I’m out sick today, I think I caught the cold that Niki had all last week. So, I called in sick. I’m bored and trying to do some work here, just so I won’t be behind tomorrow. I was dragging around Monday and Tuesday, but I did get a css version or two of the new site together. But being sick and dragging doesn’t help me. I have an early meeting tomorrow and maybe I can feel well enough to go to it. I’ve been staying up late, not eating good, worrying about “things” and since I wasn’t around people for two months, my immune system is down and I’ve been fighting one bug or another for the last month. So I expect this cold to hit, kick my butt, and leave soon. Gotta find a new doctor anyways.

I wonder is Apple has the same policy ?

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