Giddy and Sore

March 1, 2002

I finally received my new Mac at work. It’s a smooth Apple PowerMac G4 933 Quicksilver. With 512mb of RAM and a 60gb hard drive it really rocks. It’s running OS9, not OSX, and it just screams. I’m using VirtualPC 5 and it screams too. I don’t feel any slowdown when I use the VPC system. I also got a 19″ LCD Monitor and it too is cool. It’s nice being able to spread out your work on a huge screen and to do work in one OS while updating in another. If I could actually afford this as a home system, it definitely would be worth it. I have my normal tools, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop in addition to InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat. All of my Office programs are running off of Citrix. I boot into VPC, click on the little Citrix icon and I’m able to get OfficeXP like I was on a real wintel desktop. I had Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and VirtualPC open at the same time and it all worked fast. I’m now sold on new systems…with lots and lots of memory. Add a half a gig to a system and it should just rock. I wasn’t too sure about the speed, I remembered working on the G3 450 at my old job and the new system is a lot faster.

Ziggy finally got back from the Vet. She’s hurting and I really wish the original owners declawed her when she was younger. It’s a lot harder on the cat when they’re 2 and a half and over 8 pounds. She has been hiding under the couch and bed and I was really amazed when we couldn’t find her and she was in another room. She can still get around but hurts. It will be a while before she jumps back up on our bed.