March 4, 2002

This is my first ever journal entry composed in BBEdit . since, I’m making the move to MacOS , I decided to get acquainted in some of the features. I tried SimpleText, but I really didn’t like using it. I don’t have a copy of MacWord, so I decided to go BareBones…or BBEdit. Right now, the only thing I am lacking is a CSS editor for Classic. At work, I’m using TopStyle in VirtualPC that saves back to a file on MacOS. I can update in real-time, but I get an occasional bad crash in VPC/Win98 and that slows me down. TopStyle is a great program and if I can’t find a good MacOS clone of it, then I might…might just code css in BBEdit. I now want to just have MacOS tools, using Windows for browser testing and (at work) email. [mk: i’m using the lite version of BBEdit 6 and someone emailed me that the full version has CSS support.]

I still like my Mac. Fast. The tech who set it up, knew it was fast, but didn’t know how fast until he saw me working in Photoshop 6.1, with Dreamweaver and VirtualPC going and rendering effects in Photoshop. This system just rocks. I think that the system that’s a step up from this one would be just plain scary to work with. If this system is hella cool and fast on a 933 with half a gig of ram, imaging a dual 1gz with the same memory. I would hope that OSX would do that system justice.