zen and the art of the technolust

March 4, 2002

Computers are like cars. Some people just love to tinker with them for fun, rebuild and work with old ones, and get very “excited” at having the fastest one around….grunt like Tim Allen. I’m not that great with cars. I can get under the hood and do minor things, but otherwise it goes to the shop if needed. With computers, I love working with all of the electronics, swapping chips, building, painting, etc. Computers are the HotRods of the 00’s.

The whole ideal of having to get a brand new computer is just a joke. You can go on ebay and pick up a simple computer for less than $50 bucks. I would at least buy a nice monitor, used, new, doesn’t matter. Get your local computer geek or company (*cough* riv@ *cough*) to set the system up for you. These older systems are about 4 years old and can handle internet, email, chat with no problems. I still like my 333 system and even like my 150mhz Mac. Getting a new computer is about up there with vanity. I’m not a flashy person, loud, not flashy. I drive a simple beat-up Jeep, live in a modest apartment, and use a computer based on a Case from 1993, Motherboard from 1995, and a CPU from 1998. This system does all of my graphics, design, and even games. The only time it’s pushed is when I try to run a brand new game like Flight Simulator 2002. I don’t play too many games, so I don’t need a new system. Sure, I love the new system at work, but does it do anything that my old system doesn’t or can’t? Nope. It does it faster, but not any better or more stable.