most of my week…

March 8, 2002

Citrix is interesting. I’ve been trying to get the Mac client to work, so I won’t have to boot up VirtualPC, every time I want to send an email. But like a lot of programs, they just seem to make it more difficult for Mac users. The interface is completely different and has different labels for what each bit does as opposed to how the PC client is worked out. I do like the fact that there is a WInCE client and a Linux client too. Part of wanting to get the Mac client going, is that Win98 is crashing bad in VirtualPC. I think it’s just the flakyness of Windows98, but might be wrong. Too many BSODs and too many hard crashes. The Mac has been very stable, almost as stable as my Win2k system at home. Stababiliy among OSs is almost a non-issue for me. Windows normally doesn’t crash on me, Macs are stable and Linux is too. Whenever someone mentions OS stabability, like how x is superior to y because it crashes 18 times a day, I just tune them out. Stabability also depends on the system it runs on.

My office is a wreck…I have boxes from new systems and boxes from new programs around, my notes are a mess, and I haven’t even started this week’s folder. I keep all memos and meeting notes in a weekly folder. New Week New Folder. If I had the budget, I would also have a CD-R of everything for that week too. I think after the ball this weekend, I can get everything straight around here.

Did I mention that UMAX’s support really sucks? I have a new Powerlook 1100 that says everywhere that it will work on OS 8.5 and up. I have 9.2.2 and I even looked on their website for information. Nothing. The scanner is plugged in, but isn’t seen by the computer. So after spending about an hour looking through their support site, I called the number included with the scanner. *bonk* “We’re sorry, the number you’re trying to reach has changed or is no longer in service”. So I go back to the website to get a number. So now instead of a toll-free call, I have to call their long distance number. I call and choose what I need to choose and I get disconnected not once, not twice but three times. I finally try again and get through and I wait….and wait……….and wait…………..and wait…………………..and wait. Then I put that on hold and dial on my other two lines. Go back to the first one and wait……….and wait…………….and wait. I was on hold for and hour and fifteen minutes. The guy was ok and I tell him my info only to have him say….”Oh it will run on OS9.2, but you have 9.2.2 and none of our scanners will work on 9.2 or OSX”. The website says nothing to the sort. So, I’m looking for a good Epson and I’m marking UMAX off of my recommend list and ranking them with KDS. For a company that gets a lot of business from Mac users, this just sucks. OSX I can understand, but OS9? damn.

I’ve been toiling in webdesign land for a good part of the week. I think I have a winner on the new site I’m working on and hopefully others will think the same way. I have some good words for Photoshop 6, better than I was originally saying. I think now I can update my home system and not look back. I have one other site going live that isn’t as good as I wanted, but deadlines pressed.

I also got my desktop replacement today…a PowerBook G3 Wallstreet. Nice system with 160mb of ram and a 20gb hard drive. These machines are built like tanks. to add RAM, you pull two levers that eject the battery and CD, and then you pull two spring-loaded levers inside those expansion bays to release the keyboard. Remove two screws and you have access to the hard drive, memory, and CPU. I’m going to eventually move everything to this machine. A RAM upgrade is soon and I need a new battery. This is the nicest laptop I’ve had and a lot nicer than any other Mac I’ve had. Great system, OSX capable, and runs really well. It really is a lot faster than the 604-based PowerPC systems. I need to rebuild the system, with a small (3gb) Linux partition. I want to really try a PPC Linux on here, probably Mandrake.