open letter to apple computers

March 10, 2002

ok, so you run a multi-billion dollar computer company that wants to get into the server business. do you build servers that easily fit into existing networking environments or do you stick with a tower? if apple has their head on straight, they should build something like the briQ , using the new iMac G4 motherboard or build a sweet 1U or 2U size case that will fit into existing computer racks without special hardware. i happen to think that the new dell servers look and run great. apple has just as many good engineers and great design ideas, but their business division just sucks. i just want a server from apple in the same 1U formfactor as the powermac 6100. it’s scsi, it’s small, and could be connected to a disk array. EMC is dying and gobbled up Data General a few years ago. DG had some of the most advanced servers and disk technology around. Apple needs to get the DG tech from SMC and built the HP killers. I ran a 68k based Aviion server a few years ago, and would still rather use it than an Intel or PPC board. DG combined with the styling and OSX of Apple, what would be better? plus with DG, you would already have a national service system in-place and a name that even Woz knows.