manic monday

March 11, 2002

Sometimes you just have to deal with stupid people. I sent a design off to a company, only to have them ask for it in a Mac format? I created the design on a Mac, created with Photoshop 6, and sent via Outlook 2001. JPG isn’t a Mac format? Every format is a Mac format. Their designers didn’t do what they were asked, so I wound up doing the graphic at the last minute. What is a Mac format PICT? TIFF? If they have Photoshop, they can open anything.

I am now weaned off of Outlook for Windows. I’m using Outlook 2001 on the Mac and like it better than the PC version. It’s a free download. I’m also looking at a mail client named “Green”. It’s from a French company and is really simple. If I wasn’t about to rebuilt my new laptop, I would have already switched over. I even believe that Green imports from older version of Outlook Express too.

This was another busy and lunchless day. I’ve made myself get something for breakfast from the diner downstairs, because most of my work days have been very busy lately. I can usually last to about 3pm without anything, but by then I’m hovering around with low blood sugar. Between working on new designs, taking photos, and managing a tight development schedule, I’m running. I like it, but I’m about to change my schedules. I’m allowed to work a “loose” schedule…that is, as long as I work 40hrs per week I can work whenever. I keep a steady schedule, 830-530, but I’m about to stagger that, so I can get some work done after hours. I’m going to do some work at home and hopefully the VPN client will work on my Win2k system. The Mac client is hidden on the company’s site somewhere.

I got some reading done last night. I do like having a laptop, so i don’t have to isolate myself from the rest of the house. I can read a website or study a class online AND watch the television AND be nearer to my wife. The only thing I wish I had was Wireless access. Those are too expensive right now, but the older Proxim units are cheap. They’re not the 11mbt version but the 2mb version. I have a Netgear router handling our cable connection now. One long cable powers the Win2k system, and another cable goes to our couch for either Niki’s or my laptop. I also have one cable running to the storage room for an MkLinux system I’m working on.