What Were You Doing 6 Month’s Ago?

March 11, 2002

Has it really been 6 months? I’ve been watching the coverage of the 6 month anniversary of the 9.11 tragedy on MSNBC and wow has it really just been 6 months? It seems so long ago. Million miles away. They have been showing the light sculpture that stands in NYC, like a phantom skyscraper.

I had another entry for today, but there are more important things right now. Our world, exactly 6 months and one day ago was completely different than it is now. There is talk again about nuclear weapons, troops are still in Afghanistan fighting for freedom, and everyone is afraid of what is next. Before 9.11, our biggest problem was the economic slump, GWB was treated like a stupid president, and most people would never think about bio weapons. It’s a scary time, especially when talk about nuclear weapons is news. I remember the first election I voted in….1992, and how I thought at the time if either Bush Sr. or Clinton got in office, we were screwed. The internet started to boom, the economy was good, and no war. Now it’s like 1985 again and we have the Russians to worry about.

I did think about who I was and what I did before 9.11. I was single, working in a crappy job, and concerned about my life. I remember hearing something on the radio, then going to the office and watching it on TV. Then I heard something from a then co-worker. I remember watching TV as the 2nd plane crashed. I remember being there with my old boss and just feeling cold and helpless. We were all thinking that airplanes were going to just fall out of the sky and crash into every major building. We were fighting the lines to get gas. We were hearing about how medical choppers wouldn’t be able to fly, because of the possibilities of attack. I remember being in Atlanta the weekend after and hearing that it was a target. I remember, and sometimes I haven’t like I should.