March 14, 2002

If you’re not aware, we had a giant pile-up near Chattanooga and since I work for the BIG hospital, we had to deal with a lot of media and phone calls. I was manning the information line at one point, by myself for a while, answering questions and seeing if the caller’s loved ones were here or at the local facilities. I got about 50 phone calls in 20 minutes. Our office manager is quoted on MSNBC and some other sites and i know she has taken a couple of hundred calls today. It was intesting, you could at least give some hope to people who were worried about their family and friends. I can honestly say that I prayed for those who were in the accident and those who worked on getting the people out.

during all of this, I realized that SprintPCS sucks. Here I am, in the middle of a metropolis unable to get a call because the lines. I’m switching to another cell company, I’m going to ask around and see what works and what doesn’t. I like my phone, but when I’m working a disaster or just need to hear from family, I need a phone.

Also, most of the local new sites got hit HARD. News Channel 9’s site started getting MySQL overload errors, WRCB just popped up a login screen, and OurTennesseeValley***** WDSI (suckers) was popping up load errors. WDEF seems to be the only TV station with a good server load. was getting hit hard and the paper seemed to run fine.

*****The reason, I call OTV suckers, is because they have a crappy site, that I could have designed had they offered me the job. Instead they now have a site with badly anti-aliased fonts, poor backend, and just a non-user-friendly layout. That’s what you get for hiring a programmer instead of a designer.