gaffers tape and electricity

March 16, 2002

Got to attend my first “media briefing” yesterday. it’s a press conference, but not as formal. basically a group of reporters from all media go into a small room and ask important people questions. it was neat seeing it from the other side of the camera.

Met the editor of, and talked to a few local reports. Some I’ve worked with before, but met a couple of new reporters. The TV guys don’t look as haggard as the radio people 🙂 .

I installed Mandrake 8.0 PPC on the PowerBook last night. It installed well and seems to run well, but it doesn’t like the built-in Ethernet port on the Wallstreet. I’m burning a CD of Yellow Dog Linux with hopes of getting it to work. I have to reinstall everything anyway, so might as well test a few things out. I have 20gb drive that I’m partitioning up as 7gb for MacOS9 (Maybe OSX later) with 9gb for MacOS Apps like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, with the remaining space being used for a PPC Linux. Yellow Dog is nice, and Mandrake really impressed me, but the Mandrake PPC is more for the Blue and White G3s and up. I have a disk with x86 darwin that I’m planning to install soon, anyway.

My hold off on installing OSX, is that it will really slow down my laptop. I’m going to try it eventually, but I don’t see myself keeping it.