phonetics and other capitals in eastern bloc countries

March 19, 2002

I might sound like a broken record, but damn….it’s busy. I found out on Friday, that I have to design a physican newsletter too. The design is there, it’s ours but we want to duplicate it inhouse instead of having someone charge us a lot more to do it monthly. I was sent a PDF file and I ran it through Acrobat editor and cleaned out everything except the reoccurring design elements. Then I opened the individual pages (7 total) in Photoshop, saving those to PSD files for use in InDesign. I like the fact that Adobe InDesign will use PDF files. I can just save and place. InDesign really rocks. Again, it’s personal preference, but I got so tired of Quark, that I would only design in Photoshop…

Anyways…the newsletter is really good and will look great on a Portfolio. I also have another straight design project for a book (shhh!) that will be used in the region. More later…I have some plans for this one. I am finally entering the last phase of designing for the main site. But that will be for another time.