dreaming of div tags

March 23, 2002

ok, if you’re keeping track, it has been less than 12 hours since I last posted. During this time I slept (kinda), picked up trash from the neighbor’s dog, and yup you’ve guessed it, merged the css codes from the previous post{.liinternal}.

So that means I will have a new site based on it soon. Too many things going on outside of computers, so the new site will have to wait. Niki won a gift set that included tickets to a stage performance of “Beauty and the Beast”, so we’re taking our neice tonight. I have to do some work around here and also keep track of everything else.

I give project names to the sites I’m working on. The original CSS-based orange site was called “trice” and the other was called “mk4”. This new site’s name was “mk5”. What does this matter? Well, soon I’m going to publish all of the css from these experiments so you can use them. If you don’t have curvy graphics for the top, just color it in and have a square look. I’m going to publish them without graphics, so you can see exactly how to lay them out. They’re not on the level or Glish’s or Bluerobot’s CSS templates, but it gives you a simple start. They all validate CSS2 and HTML 4T.

My next move is to start refining what CSS I do know. I’m going to start moving to XHTML in the Fall. I’m behind on learning it, but I have my reasons right now. Too busy with implementation on a few projects.