March 26, 2002

I finally got the publication I’ve been working on to the printers. We had a disk burned before I left on Monday, I was in the Docs office today and got a page about a last minute addition and some changes that needed to be corrected. Talked to the Doc (I’m ok) and drove in and corrected the errors and made the additions and sent everything off. Basically I’m working with a writer/editor who has specific ideas about how the magazine should look. I have some freedom, but I also have to make sure it adheres to the image we want to project. This has been a serious test of Adobe InDesign 2.0 . It’s been a great tool to use and really makes using Quark feel like going to the dark ages. I screwed up and didn’t convery all of my images to CMYK, but when you export to PDF, it converts all images to CMYK instead of RGB. I might have some problems with some companies and might have to get PageMaker, but I refuse to get Quark.

I have another publication coming out and I have to develop the templates this week. This is also my week to finish my report and plan for the new company website. So, I worked late on Monday, came in on my off day, and will possibly work some long hours this week. If my laptop wasn’t on the injured list, I would just copy everything to a ZIP disk and take it home. But, it’s not working. The seller has been great and hopefully we can get this going soon. I have one Mac here, but it’s not setup for what I need it to be. My computers are in such disarray.

I’m still in the process of putting the next version of this site up. My portfolio is really out-of-date and my resume is too and I also have to set everything up for CSS. My templates work, but there are some little things that just suck. I checked everything out on a few Mac browsers, and there are just little things that don’t work. There is a lot that needs to be done around here and I simply don’t have the time. So I’m looking at simplification again. Less computers, less outside projects.