I Lothe L.A.

March 27, 2002

I could easily sit back and talk about the 2002 Oscars, but I won’t. I watched them, they sucked, end of story. I went to bed right around the time Hallie Berry did a reenactment of when she did the old “hit & run ” a few years ago and got out of it. Did Denzel deserve the Oscar? Not this year, he did for MalcomX, but not for that movie. Music-wise, Paul Mcartney, Enya or Sting should have won, not damn Randy Newman.

My laptop is dead. We think it’s because of either bad power supply or a bad power board. Either way, both are on their way. I have a 20gb drive and more memory on the way, and I wanted to move my live system to the laptop. But that looks like it will have to wait.