Drink Milk

March 31, 2002

I’ve been working on a few updates to a site someone would like online. It’s a frame-based site that was built using Flash buttons. I needed to insert a breadcrumb bar at the top….basicaly a bar that shows where you are, the current directory, and a link to the main page. I could have incerted another frame, but I decided to just covnert everything over to a table. The layout looks the same, the buttons are in the same place, but it can be viewed in a lot more browsers. Frames just suck. Nothing against the people who built the site, they have inisitative and really want to promote their site and department. The thing that shocked me, was that they are using Dreamweaver instead of FrontPage.

I can honestly say now, that the best thing I’ve ever done to improve my web design, was to drop FrontPage. You can look back in this journal and see that I supported FrontPage, but stoopid errors kept screwing up pages. Robert Bruce Thompson, has just made the move from FP to Netscape Composer because of all of the errors FP caused. I finally got tired and just made the switch. It’s nice being able to look at the code and wysiwyg layout at the same time. Plus, with a minimum amout of tweaking, you can add support for XHTML and with extentions available online, you can add numerous features to your sites.