April Fools LameO

April 1, 2002

I’m not going to get much work completed this week either. After holidays and vacation days last week and going to Atlanta tomorrow, I’ve been working on graphics and a report I have to complete soon.

I’m going to Atlanta tomorrow for a seminar at Apple’s Atlanta office. Ahh the wonders of QTVR. I have the software, just don’t have the system. Alot of my work in the next few months is going to be devoted to Quicktime. I’ve been shopping for some VR equipment and this seminar will be a big help. Maybe I can talk them into giving me a 14″ iBook 🙂

There are a couple of programs I’m looking at for log analysis. I have WebTrends at work, but it takes alot of overhead. I can get Summary for cheap and be able to run it on a Mac or Windows if I want. I really don’t see the benefit in using Webtrends. I can do everything faster and alot cheaper and not have to deal with some of the high overhead that WebTrends puts out. It suggests over a 500mh P3.