el toro de hacienda

April 5, 2002

I might be making the move to XHTML sooner that I planned. There is a new Dreamweaver extension that converts your DW setup to XHTML. I already changed most of my preferences, i.e. lowercase tags, rebuilding default.html with a valid doctype.

Even after completely switching to Dreamweaver, I still find new things I like about it. For one thing, it�s more �hackable� than FrontPage�.you can add more features to Dreamweaver by hacking the extensions and default templates. With FrontPage, there was always some registry hack or some obscure menu option. Why should it be difficult to change how a file opens? I helped Jerry Pournelle a few years ago with something that should be simple. If a user like Dr. Pournelle has a hard time with FrontPage, how can a beginner use it? Me personally, I got tired of fighting to get control of my code. Dreamweaver is really good about not changing things. That was the exact same problem Robert Bruce Thompson had and he has just recently switched to another product.

I�m doing a lot more coding by hand, thanks to my setup at work. If you look at this screenshot, my resolution is high enough where I can have everything accessible and viewable. I can edit code, and look at the page without having to have a split window. On the Mac, I feel more comfortable using BBEdit to edit my CSS files. TopStyle still is a great product, but I�m trying to wean myself from Windows products. BBEdit isn�t as automated as TopStyle, but it works well for me. Plus, if I forget something I can just pull out my O�Reilly CSS book.

Weaning myself from Windows is a very slow process. Slower considering my PowerBook has been dead for a while. The seller has been very patient and is shipping me another laptop. Hopefully, I can have this one for a while. I initially planned on being able to just use the home Windows box as a computer for Niki, server, and scanning station. I�m still creating my files on it and I�m almost tempted to pull out the unsellable PowerComputing system and just use it. Eventually I will have the same setup at home and work, I can just sneakernet a Zip disk home and get things done there too. I have an older 6100, that I just installed MkLinux on, but I have other plans for that system J�.he he he.

The 6100 is a unique beast�I�m keeping it, because it�s a great old system. I was running MacOS 8.5 on it, I think I upgraded it to a small 9.1 partition so I could add MkLinux. I upped the RAM and Drive space and painted the case black. It looks almost like a NeXTstation Slab now. I have a use for this system, other than Linux, but I can�t fully talk about it yet. The PowerComputing system will be auctioned off again, while the 6100 stays here.

I really need to get some computer things together. I have two ebay auctions and need to finish hacking the next version of the site. I found some more problems with CSS rendering on IE:Mac. The problems don�t affect the original DSN code, so combining that code further with the new code is no longer an option. I also looked back at the riv@ code, and I have Javascript powering my menu, where I can now have CSS instead.