Oh the joy?

April 10, 2002

Now, I can talk about the weekend. We had a rather uneventful weekend working on a porch fence and scrubbing up our porch to get rid of all the old paint. Niki was sore and I was too. We finally got it looking better than it did since we�ve had the place. The beauty of the fence is that it is modular. Three screws per side, that�s all. We can pick it up and move it when we move in the coming year. We will definitely have to go back and scrub where the fence is, to get the little bits that are hidden by it now.

The weather is getting warmer and it just make you want to enjoy the outdoors. Our porch is one place, but we�re thinking about buying a tent and just travel up the road and go camping for a few days. Or, we could go to the lake and camp. I�m getting a webcam together for work, so you can see how nice the view is. A nice green tree is in the window across from me.

I was reading an old DaveNet piece from hotwired and something struck me as funny. This was from 96, and dave makes the comment that� There are lots of Unix people at Apple these days�. I know that Apple was hard at work on Copeland and also trying to decide if they wanted to license WindowsNT or buy another company. But were they trying to build Unix underpinnings in MacOS �way back� in 1996? He also hit the nail on the head when he made the comment �Cyberdog is Apple’s next eWorld, I’m sure of it�. Cyberdog really wasn�t that great of a browser when compared to Netscape. I might get flamed on this, it�s personal opinion, but I tried them side by side and Cyberdog just wasn�t user friendly.

from evolt:Interesting article about k-12 networks and computers for a school district