reflections 911

April 11, 2002

Since it’s the anniversary of 9-11, I thought I would put a link to the first MeFi discussion about the events. It’s so odd thinking about the lives changed and the way we are now. I remember being scared shitless. Read the posts and you get a sense of the timeline. Plane 1 crashes, then two….then collapse, then bush speech, then gas stations raise gas price, then building 7 goes down, first “if we don’t do x then the terrorist have won” post, Afghanistan is bombed, first Nostradamus hoax, etc, etc. Folks, we saw the worst of mankind that day.

I chose to link to MetaFilter, because I feel that it has a lower signal-to-noise ratio. There was not a lot of junk posts that day, and MeFi has some higher standards than some. I’ve been really into MetaFilter lately. Good discussions about dozens of topics and there is some community.