call to action

April 16, 2002

I’m walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s “Walk to Cure Diabetes ” and if you would like to donate via PayPal, I have a link here , where you can click and donate via PayPal. I’ll accept any amount and if you donate over $50, I’ll give you a specially designed T-Shirt from my team. It’s a worthwhile cause and if you can help the young people with diabetes, I would greatly appreciate it.

I started building a system last night, using the new Antec case that no one wanted to buy at auction and a new (new old stock actually) Asus P3W board.

I started looking up info on the Asus site, and there are about 3 BIOS updates that will allow this board to run a 1ghz processor. I have a Slot 1 P2 400 in there now, but I might update to a 933mhz or 733mhz in the next few weeks. I have 160mb in there now, with an upgrade to 512mb in the future. I have a test drive (2gb) running Windows98 and my normal killem test.

I got it for a peach of a deal, a really good deal considering that the refurbished models are going for the same amount. This box was unopened and had a factory seal on the box. This was going for initially $125 and I got it for more than half of that. Not too bad for a slot1 board that can use up to a 1ghz chip.

The system was a bit of a beast to get running. It’s jumperless so I should be able to just pop in a chip and *poof* it works. Nope, didn’t happen like that. You have to change a few jumpers to make it jumperless, yes even *I* caught the irony in that. I had everything setup,m but it was like starting a chainsaw…..puch power button, start and nothing. Push button and it works. I traced everything down to a jumper for the Wake-On-LAN. Set that back and everything works.

The board has built-in video and sound and works rather well. There is another version that has a built in Intel NIC, this one doesn’t, so I’ll

have to find a nice NIC somewhere. I need to make a good backup of MadCow, so I can transfer everything over this week or next.

Does anyone need a good server? I’m selling my current system, MadCow for a low price. It’s a PPro board with 256mb of RAM. It’s running a PPro upgrade

to push it to 333. It’s housed in a old gateway 2000 case painted black or I have another white case. While I’m moving the DVD and CD-R to the new

system, I’m replacing it with a slot-loading Goldstar/Compaq OEM CD-ROM or an emachines DVD. I’m also moving my hard drives, but I will include a new 9gb SCSI from Seagate and a Adaptec SCSI card. I have an old Intel or SMC NIC somewhere around here and I’ll put that in too. It will be loaded with

Windows NT 4 or unformatted. It also has an ATI Xpert@Play videocard. This has been a very…very stable system. I have some extras, if you pay the top