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April 17, 2002

Good article over at Newsday about novices creating websites.

He also doesn’t mention Adobe’s GoLive, it is just as good as DreamWeaver. I don’t use it personally, but more design shops seem to use it more than FrontPage. But for beginners, I do recommend FrontPage. It’s easy for new users to have a site online fast. The code is mangled and some of the functionality just sucks. But until you’re ready to move to Dreamweaver or code by hand, it’s ok.

He also mentions Fireworks, but you can get Photoshop Elements for $99. It’s a scaled down version of Photoshop 6, but it still has some neat features. If I didn’t want to download the warez version and be completely legal, I would definitely use this. It also might come free with a new scanner…it did with mine. This also gives novices a good look at what Photoshop can do, and might wean some people away from that terrible PaintShop Pro. I’ve been saying this a lot recently, If you want to get a job doing graphics or webdesign, you need Photoshop skills not Gimp or PSP. You might get laughed at. Just like there are very few FrontPage-based webstudios. I saw the light and the error of my ways, you can too.

I started coding with Windows 3.1 notepad…and I believe I used to create graphics in Paintbrush and converted those over to JPEG and GIF files in VuePrint. I used HoTMetaL for a while and finally settled on HotDog Pro. It was a pure text-based html editor. I got tired of that and just wanted something like Vermeer’s FrontPage….I used it as a trial copy, then I tried Microsoft’s version and really like it. FrontPage 97 was the first piece of Microsoft software that I actually purchased. I used FrontPage until last fall when I rediscovered Dreamweaver. I tried earlier versions, but v.4 was what I was looking for. Graphics…I started using a copy of Photoshop 3, thanks to a friend, but then we purchased Photoshop 5 at work and I’ve used that until about 2 months ago. So I used it a grand total of about 4 years….I’m just now using Photoshop 6 and it is better in some ways, but slower in others.