Why am I still online?

April 22, 2002

It’s late…no wait it’s actually early on Monday morning. We had a really busy Sunday, visited the Chattanooga Market and ate lunch and bought some organic rosemary. The market is ok, really yuppie and I started to get annoyed at some of the people. Just because you are a boss-type-person in your worklife, don’t f-ing boss me around or attempt to break line because you feel that you are important than me, you dig? I don’t even know you, so step back and let me get my Chicken with Black Beans and Rice. We then drove around and finally bought some flowers for our new porch. I’ve been moving files to the PowerBook and to the other new system. We then ate dinner at my Mom’s place. Yummmmm, Niki made a killer casserole.

I’ve been working on a new domain and idea for a new community site. I have two people interesting in a collaboration and hopefully this will be a success. If you would like to write a one topic journal a couple of days a week, let me know.