April 24, 2002

I just installed OSX on my Powerbook. I have 160mb of RAM and a 20gb disk. Installed with no problems on the first try. I installed over my existing OS9.1 install and all of my programs work. I’m going to test this out for a few weeks and then rebuild the system. If I like OSX, I’ll install it from scratch, but I’m also hoping that it will work. It is slower than OS9, but you also have to remember, I’m using a 250mhz G3. Not exactly the fastest machine, but it does work well.

first impression of OSX…it’s neat, but I really don’t know where the f#&k anything is. But, i’ve been a Windows user since 3.1 and a MacOS user since System7, so I expect things in a certain spot. This is a lot like learning Linux. It was cool, being able to use the *nix “TOP” command on the Mac. My Wallstreet is working well, not as slow as I thought. Going back to the Linux comparison, I did like YellowDog 2.2 a lot better on the first try. But, this is a new OS, where I’ve used most systems for a few years, so I know where things are. I can say that my productivity has dropped about 50% as I fumble and tryout everything. I don’t know if I will reinstall ths system for a while. Everything seems to work and it doesn’t even bother me.

second impression. I started out using 10.1.2 and it was ok, but I heard that the new version 10.1.4 runs faster. I downloaded .4, but it would not install until I installed 10.1.3. I was worried about installing that, bacause of some issues with PowerBooks. But, since I was only installing that as an interim, I went ahead. Reboot and installed 10.1.4. It seems faster in aqua, and it almost as fast as OS9 was. I am looking at a RAM upgrade, but for now, it is working well.