OSX – Day Two

April 25, 2002

I spent a couple of hours, trying to find and install aome alternative browsers. I first updated IE, to fix that nasty security hole, then I mozied over to Mozilla.org and downloaded the RC1 for OSX. Work well and fast, actually it runs as fast as IE does on OSX. It startes slow, but works great when surfing. Then I downloaded the much hyped Chimera. It loaded faster than Mozilla, but when itried to download, it wouldn’t let me. Renders well, and looks clean. OmniWeb, is a browser I’ve heard a lot about. But, it does have some drawbacks. CSS rendering….it has the same CSS support as Netscape 4. Other than that it still loads fast. I haven’t tried iCAB yet, but will soon.

I also migrated my email from enterauge to the OSX Mail client. Now, if I could export Outlook to Enterauge and into Mail, I would be set. The mail client works and works well. I’ve used Outlook as my main client for years, so the change is slow.

I just purchased a new hosting account for a new web project called fourblogs. I needed to upload a “coming soon” message to the site, but I didn’t see an FTP client. So I went to google and found a neat client called, Captain FTP. It works well and isn’t too bad to learn. It’s free for educational and non-profit use. Since I actually work for 2 non-profits, I paid nada, nothing, zero.

As I moved from Windows, I’ve been looking for a Mac-based CSS Editor that is equal to TopStyle. I tried a couple of programs, but they lack the functonality and ease of use that TopStyle has. So, I’ve been either manually editing the CSS in BBEdit at home and gradually doing so at work or opening VirtualPC and using TopStyle to edit the CSS. I’m using the lite version of BBEdit, so I don’t have a plug-in that will work. Mainly I want something that will give me the options for the settings I’m using. I can’t keep two copies of he Oreiley CSS book.

I can say that OSX 1.4 runs faster on my 250mhz Wallstreet than 1.2 did. A memory increase is in the future, not really for the perfomance of OSX, but for the performance of my apps. I’m running a rather low 160mb of ram that I hope to at least push to 256 by this weekend. I run 280mb at home on my Windows machine and I run 512mb at work on a 933 Quicksilver using OS9.