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April 25, 2002

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This week is TV Turnoff Week

R.B Thompson makes another great point, this time about AOL/Time-Warner’s $54 billion loss last quarter:


“What I found truly incredible is that AOL/Time-Warner stock rose on the news. What are these people thinking? “Well, it’s true that AOL/Time-Warner lost $54 billion-with-a-b last quarter, but that’s only a one-time accounting adjustment, so I guess I’ll go out and buy some AOL/Time-Warner stock.” Duh. In effect, that loss means that AOL/Time-Warner had assets valued at $54 billion that have now been written off. That’s something like $200 for every man, woman, and child in the US. Or, looking at it another way, nearly $10 for every person on the planet.”_

$10 for every person in the world? Damn, that is a lot of money. Actually when you do the math, that is $200 that they own you when they overcharge and continue to charge you when you cancel.

via my AOL problem from last year:

_Saturday, March 10, 2001

“I have a really long AOL story to tell……I was doing a project online and actually needed AOL, this was during the summer. I canceled in August. I looked on my bank statement and noticed I was still being charged. I called and haggled with the operator, since “They only go back two months on situations like this”. I pulled rank. I had asked for the supervisors’ supervisor and stated that I write for a website with “X amount of hits” and that I would be glad to publish my situation online..I think they didn’t want the PR company to have to handle a problem and decided to nip it in the bud.I …..I wound up getting canceled and a promised refund of over $150…….looks like I can now pay my taxes. Thank You AOL……F-You AOL..”_

– I never received my money and AOL wouldn’t assist me after the initial call. They do things like this, and they still manage to lose $54 billion dollars? They’re too big. They need to go after everyone at AOLTW instead of Bill Gates….hell go, after the ghost of Jack Warner, I don’t care.

AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL AOL. Maybe this post will show higher on their Google rankings. he he he .