April 29, 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates…..

Thursday was a long and eventful day. I worked until about 6pm, where I went to the board meeting to be recognied, along with the other Marketing/PR staff, for our recent awards and just for our hard work with the recent tradgeys. Then Niki and I went to the first night of “How to Suceede In Business Without Really Trying”. We got there and partaked in the free Beer and Wine and the food. Then we watched the show. Really good and funny. It did last a long time and Niki was calling people to see how “The Batchelor” ended during the intermission. We got home late and collapsed.

I forgot to also state that we went to an IMAX movie last week. It was a movie on the new space station and we ighly recament it. Shot by the astronauts, the film make you feel like you are floating through space and just has some good visuals. Neat….

Another outing was yesterday, when we went to the National Cornbread Festival. Got there after a nice drive, parked and paid our $1 to get in. Walked around ate two small…tiny pieces of icky cornbread. Looks at some crafts and decided that it sucked. It wasn’t at all like we thought it would be. It’s a cornbread festival where we found only two places giving out cornbread. Sorry I’m picky with my cornbread, I’ve had good cornbread all my life and I make some good stuff too. We got tired at looking at overprices crafts, Niki found a $60 bracelet that shouldn’t have been more than $10. Niki finally turned to me and said, “Are you ready to go?”. When we were walking to the parking lot, we talked about if we expect too much from these sorts of things. We’re at a place in our life where we don’t have kids, we go to different events, and we just get depressed when we go to things like this and the Chattanooga Market last week, where it really blows. We have more fun at baseball games and just walking around town.

This is going to be a busy week, where I have two people calling for assistance and one computer that needs to be returned. And! I have to prep for the diabetes walk this weekend and our grand Erlanger weekend at Bellsouth Park. I’m going to watch one of the games, but the other two days, I get to be a photographer. Should be fun.