Gone Drinkin’ Fishin’

May 4, 2002

[mk-5-5-2002 I’ve changed my mind, but I am taking a week off later in May.]

I’m taking a week or two off from the journal. Too much to do, and I quite frankly need some time away. This is the longest I’ve been keeping a journal, I think my last time off was in December and before that was in August. I’ve been taking a couple of days off, but I need to get away for an entire week, so I : 1.) don’t have to worry about this site 2.) get fourblogs.com ready 3.) can mentally rest. I’ll be back around May 13th. My other journal, [DSN](http://www.mkelley.net/dsn/){.liinternal}, will be updated normally since it deals with designing website and other webdesign-related issues.