toast and crackers

May 13, 2002

Yes, I have a case of the Mondays … Who the *uck schedules a meeting for Monday morning….oops I did.

Sorry for the delay in updates, there is a lot going on and I really haven’t had time to add anything.

Niki and I went out on Friday to purchase a nice camera. We got a Canon A40. Nice digital cam. It came with an 8mb CompactFlash card, but we soon figured out that wasn’t going to be large enough. So Sunday I went out and got an 128mb card on sale for about $45. At Wal-Mart and at Best Buy they’re normally $79. It’s nice having a camera that has room for 400+ photos. I’ve been getting more into photography since I started my new job and I think my eye is good. Sorry I’m, not cocky, but I’ve had a few photos published recently and some good comments on the photos, so I’ve decided to see what else I can do.

Sunday was really busy, visiting two families on opposite sides of town. Niki baked and cooked for a long time on Saturday and Sunday. We were originally going to go out on saturday, but a migraine did me in, until about 9pm when we went swimming and tried to play tennis.

I’ve been on the lookout for a good OSX email client on par with Outlook for Windows. I have Outlook on OS9 at work, and it isn’t as full featured as the Windows version. I tried entourage and the built in Mac client on OSX, now I’m using Eudora….I might go back to the OSX Mail client. I’m trying everything out.

I also found out today, that I’m going to Dallas at the end of the month. Very nice hotel with a restaurant that has one of my favorite chefs, Dean Fearing. Should be an interesting trip, internet marketing