old box top

May 15, 2002

It was a little cold this morning. The sky is blue and the green trees look better than they did during our big storm on Monday. It was nasty and gray, trees swaying, etc. At one point it was raining and blowing so hard, that I got up from my desk to look out the window. Then thanks to the weather radar we sponsor, I saw where there storm was heading and how bad it really was. Then about an hour after the storm, it was blue and green outside.

Chattanooga is such a nice town to live in. I think that was something that has been building in me for a while. It’s one of the reasons I changed how this page looks. Especially today, it’s nice outside and the people are friendly. Who knows, I might be won over by Dallas in two weeks.

I planned my trip out today and got my tickets in the system. Expedia finally gave me a good price, but I have to connect 3 times. So, I’ll need to make sure my PowerBook’s batteries are mega charged….I’m hoping to at least post something from the road. The hotel has a business center and an “internet” connection in the room. Quotes scare me, I’m hoping that isn’t talking about a dial-up connection.