Exchange Army

May 16, 2002

I’ve been reorganizing my mailboxes here at home and at work. I finally figured out the correct way to do PST files in Outlook 2001. So I shouldn’t get as many “Over Your Mailbox Limit” emails from the Exchange Admin anymore. I’m also futzing around with the OSX Mail App. I have some of my rules and some of the folders working, but I need to export to a file. I’m rebuilding/reloading the machine this weekend, so it will be nice and organized and so I won’t kill it on my upcoming trip. I also have about 4gb that is still on my Linux partition, that I want to use for OSX. I completely installed OSX ass-backwards and want to do it right, and use it more like OSX instead of using it like OS9.

We have an AirShow this weekend. We live close enough to it, that I’m just going to get on the top of my Jeep and take photos. I get to meet the USAF Thunderbirds at our media advisory tomorrow morning. I might have some photos of that too. I know I’m going to be there taking photos, so it should be fun.

There was a badass wreck up the road from me. Involving a small suburu car-type-thing and a concrete truck. It’s sad, and normally I wouldn’t link to this type of thing, but the photos say a lot more than the story does. [mk-I wound up working on an interview with the Physicians involved and the EMRRT Team who flew to the scene. One of the local TV stations came out, and I got to hear more about it.]

I received a couple of emails about this…during my time in Dallas, I’m staying at The Mansion on Turtle Creek .