Plot Discussions Ahoy a.k.a Guess What Happens to Anakin…

May 16, 2002

I heard a review of the new Star Wars, as I drove into work today. The kid liked it, said it was better than the original. I also heard another review called in that said it rocked. I know when I was getting ready this morning, I was watching BBC America and they utterly trashed it. But being a British reviewer, they normally trash things a lot more severely than we do….hell they completely trashed Blondie when they came out and that was Blondie’s biggest market. It’s like an art to them. But, I digress….

Someone on MeFi posted a link to a site called ** ** I really don’t get upset if I find out about a movie before I see it, more than likely that will just make me want to see it more. So anyways, I read through it and it seems like a well thought out movie, more like a movie meant to be the glue that holds all of the other 5 movies together (3 originals, Episode 1 & Episode 3). Then when I went back to the MeFi discussion, someone posted a link to the image below….Yoda Kicking Ass!

“Spoiling” a movie is almost a comical experience….I remember before seeing “Saving Private Ryan”. I watched “The Daily Show” and Lewis Black said something about Tom Hanks and then he blurted out “Tom Hanks Dies at the end…ha ha ha”. I remember hearing that in my head and just wanting to blurt it out to my good friend Dr. Numanga who I saw it with. My good friend Mark told me every little thing about Austin Powers 2, and what did I do? I went out that evening and watched it. It didn’t ruin it for me, but made the experience more enjoyable. I really got a kick out of everyone on Slashdot going off because someone posted that The Lone Gunmen got killed….EST rules the USA, get a TiVO, Turn Off your computer, read a book and wait until PST to watch tv and resume your little nerdy life ok? The world doesn’t end because you know the ending.

Breath In & Repeat After Me:

Darth Vader was Luke’s Father

Luke and Leia are Brother and Sister

JarJar was not as bad as everyone makes out

and Mace Windo kills Jango Fett……damn