berries and barns

May 21, 2002

We decided to continue our new routine of finding a festival to attend on a Sunday. This Sunday we went to the Tennessee Strawberry Festival in Dayton, Tennessee. Funny enough, we didn’t see one strawberry until we were leaving and then they were on a Belgian waffle. Lots of Bikers, but not as bad as the cornbread festival. This was a mellow little festival and it wasn’t too bad. Sidenote, what is it with bikers taking up room and stopping traffic at these festivals? Then they seem to crank their engine the loudest when others are around…. Rating out of 10: 5.

I’m thinking about “dumbing down” my laptop to OS9. OSX runs great when browsing and checking email, but class is way too slow. I’ve actually started using Opera as my browser of choice on OSX. It’s faster than IE 5.1 and renders a little bit better. One of the things keeping me from changing anything is the lack of an export feature in the Mail app. But, i have to do something before my trip next week. [mk-update, I wound up purchasing a PCMCIA (PCCard) adapter for my CompactFlash cards. It works like a charm in OSX]

I’m working on a system that is a clone of my old Mac system, a PowerComputing PowerWave. It’s my boss’ old system and she just donated it to an organization. I offered to rebuild it, and I wound up getting the internal ZIP drive from it as payment. It’s running OS9 rather well, and would be a whole lot better with a G3 upgrade. Hmmmmm….