few of many

May 26, 2002

From what I hear, my hotel is a 5 star hotel. It’s also near a lot of the places I want to visit. I really want to see the Grassy Knoll. I hear that a trip to SouthFork is being arranged, but I don’t know yet. This is being talked up by the group putting it on, and one of their points to me in our meeting last week, was that they will setup a couple of meetings with me and some of their web designer clients. Should be fun. On top of learning about Health Care Marketing, this is also a big networking item for them. Only about 100 people are attending, so it will be a nice little group. BTW, it’s the DIRECTeffect Symposium .

I really want to use the upcoming trip as a way to meet more people in my field, not only Web Designers, but Healthcare web designers. It’s a small field with a couple of good companies. I know Verus….and I know companies like Healthvision, but I also worked with HealthGate and WebMD very very early in the whole WWW Boom. There were also a few companies setting up interesting services for healthcare, but they went bust like a lot of other Dotcoms. Go look at your average hospital website….go on……and they are missing something. Very few places are doing it right. That’s what I have ahead of me……